LOCATION: Fry's Electronics near Aero Drive and I-15 - N.E. Area of Parking Lot

DATE: Saturday, April 26th TIME: 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

TALK-IN SIMPLEX: 146.550 MHz - SIX SHOOTERS 2M REPEATER: 146.910 MHz, (-) Offset, PL 100Hz

We want to put on a good "show" of amateur radio in operation.  We have several clubs already helping us and we need you to come and help greet the public, operate the stations, give moral support and put a face to that local voice. Young Hams come on out. You are the future of Ham Radio. Help spread the love! Laughing

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Field Day 2013

San Diego Six Shooters Website

Celebrating an amateur radio adventure... 6 meters at a time!

 You are invited to participate in all San Diego Six Shooter events:
1. Three nets each week with our professional Net Control Operators

2. Monthly ARC Meeting with Programs and Special Speakers
3. Points for Participation, Prizes Awarded, Special Events, Etc.
4. Field Day, Christmas Party and Special Projects

NET DAYS, TIME, FREQ. & PL - Plus our Monthly Meeting, Below

mic 1 aural asia 500w
photo by Aural Asia


San Diego Six Shooters SSB Net

Net is held on Monday nights at 8:00pm PST on 50.200MHz USB.  Mike, N6IEF, is the net control op for this open forum net.  All are invited to participate!

With today's new HF rigs, 6 Meters is easily available - especially with Single Side Band! Meet up on our Simplex frequency on Monday nights. Horizontal or verticle polarization, any and all are welcome.

antennas 1 500w


San Diego Six Shooters "Shoot Out"

 On Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the N6LXX repeater system, with Mike, KG6WLS, net control op.  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.

Net linked to SoCal, Las Vegas, Northern Texas (via the Rosston repeater site) and the greater Houston, TX area (via the Devers repeater site).

antennas 3 500w


'The Original'

San Diego Six Shooters Net

Friday nights at 8:00pm, 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the long-running San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Net on the N6LXX repeater system.

Don, Mike O., Ed and Mike B., rotate weekly for this open forum net. All amateur radio operators welcome.

antennas 2 400w


Six Shooters Swap-Net

Swap-Net is on Sunday nights at 9:00pm PST on the new Six Shooter Two Meter Repeater at 146.910 MHz (-) PL: 100 Hz.  Joe, N6SIX is the Swap-Net control op.

List up to four Ham Radio related items on the Swap-Net. If items remain unsold at the time of the Swap-Net, they will be posted on the Six Shooter website for one week in the Swap-Net Listings section.


San Diego Six Shooters ARC

Monthly Feeding - oops, MEETING!

Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm:

Ranch House Restaurant, 11510 Woodside Ave., Santee, CA, 92072 (map)

Many members arrive early (5-6pm) good parking, good food, and great fellowship. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm and usually lasts til 8pm - or just a little after.  ALL AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS ARE WELCOME.  We hope to see you there!

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Message from Ed, AI6O

2013 Club President

Like to Donate?

If you believe IN the efforts of SD Six Shooters, we would love to benefit a little from your charitable giving. Donations are NOW TAX DEDUCTABLE. We have received our 50(c)3 status! :-)


Frequency: 146.910/146.310 MHz - PL Tone: 100 Tx/Rx 118.8

Thanks to: WD6APP, WB6DTR, K6RLV and to SANDRA


Every Sunday Night at 9pm

Buy - Sell - Trade - Wanted

6 Meter Opening List From Sam, N5AF

Sam NeaL, N5AF,  has been busy working a bunch with the 6 Meter Opening we've been having. Check out his list of contacts. CLICK HERE

Noel gets it up!

photo 1Noel, AG6KA, raised his tower last year but had not put up an antenna...until today! David KI6VIA and Noel, AG6KA mounted 2 antennas on his tower, a 6M vertical and a 20m, 15m and 10m Tri Bander. Congrats to Noel!!  Read More below for some pictures of the antennas and the mast in the lowered position.



Saturday May 17th. 2014

Penasquitos Creek Park, San Diego, CA.

Sponsored by the San Diego T-Hunt Group & CQ. Magazine World Wide Fox Hunting Weekend

Starting times will be 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM at 5 minute intervals. If you start at 1:30 you will have until 3:30 to complete the course. NO REGISTRATION FEES!

t-hunting 1There will be 5 hidden T’s using the MOE-MOI-MOS-MOH-MO5 format. You will be issued a “Punch card” and there will be orange & white flagging tape at each punch located within 10 feet from the T’s which will be concealed. Antennas will all be vertically polarized with approximately the same radiated power from each “T”. For information on “International Style Transmitter Hunting” you may go to Joe Moell, k0ov’s excellent website…..


Welcome to Lizard Lick Ham Radio!

facebook -1498434997

John Akins, NF4JA has decided to go back to his Tallahassee roots and open a net.

Terms like 'Git R Dun' and 73 Y'All! will be just some of the favorite sayings on this new net  like, "If yur antenny has a bad SWR, BLOW IT UP!".

There are some restrictions though.

You will need to grow a beard and let your hair down.

Also, having a southern accent is a plus. [Hey, I resemble that remark!! - WB4LCN]

You can join in the net at 2 am every other week right here on the 40 meter repeater.


Ed's March 6 Shooters Meeting Recap

sd6shooters old largeMarch 17th was St. Patrick’s day but the most important significance of the day was that it was the March membership meeting date for the San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio club.  By the time 7:00 p.m. rolled around, the Ranch House restaurant was rocking with over 50 members and friends in place for the meeting.  And what a meeting!

Mike, N6KZB did a fine job of presenting the Tijuana/San Diego Mesh Network project.  Check out the pictures on Facebook under the heading of the SDSSARC.  Mike and his gang will be at OPERATING DAY in April.  More on that later.

Thanks to Ric, W3DSO, who donated a fine 6 meter dipole, KK6FXV Bob got a great deal on the antenna and helped the club as well.  We will be doing more of that kind of thing now that we are officially a not-for-profit organization (501(c)(3).  Stay tuned!

We welcomed at least 5 new first-time attenders, had a good number of membership renewals and received one new member. 

A number of announcements were made including:


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Nu 2 Ham Radio?

Need a mentor to help get you moving in the right direction? Meet your Elmer at a Six Shooters meeting or on one of our 6 Meter Nets. We're knowledgeable, friendly and happy to take on your questions. Check us out!

Being Relevant?

Got an idea for an Article on the Six Shooters website? We'd like to hear from you. It's your input that will help us be relevant to the needs and desires of the Six Shooters membership. Contact David, KI6VIA HERE!

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