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Monday, March 30, 2015
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San Diego Six Shooters Website

Celebrating an amateur radio adventure... 6 meters at a time!

You are invited to participate in all Six Shooters events:
1. Four Nets weekly. Check out the Nets BELOW
2. Monthly ARC meetings with Programs & Special Speakers
3. Points for participation, prizes awarded, special events, etc.
4. Field Day, Frys Operating Day, Christmas, special projects

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San Diego Six Shooters SSB Net

Net is held on Monday nights at 8:00pm PST on 50.200MHz USB.  Mike, N6IEF, is the net control op for this open forum net.  All are invited to participate!

With today's new HF rigs, 6 Meters is easily available - especially with Single Side Band! Meet up on our Simplex frequency on Monday nights. Horizontal or verticle polarization, any and all are welcome.

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San Diego Six Shooters "Shoot Out"

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the N6LXX repeater system, with Mike, KG6WLS, net control op.  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.

Net linked to SoCal, Las Vegas, Northern Texas (via the Rosston repeater site) and the greater Houston, TX area (via the Devers repeater site).

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San Diego Six Shooters Net - "The Original"

Friday nights at 8:00pm, 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the long-running San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Net on the N6LXX repeater system.

Don, Mike O., Ed and Mike B., rotate weekly for this open form net. All amateur radio operators welcome.

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San Diego Six Shooters SwapNet

Meets on Sunday at 7:00pm on the Six Shooters 2 Meter Repeater, Frequency: 146.910/146.310 MHz - PL Tone: 100 Tx & Rx

Following the SwapNet, items will be posted here for one week and will be replaced each week after the Sunday SwapNet. Plus, you can re-post an item each week until it sells.

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Monthly Feeding - oops, MEETING!

Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm:
Marie Callender's, 6950 Alvarado Rd., San Diego, CA, 92120 (map)

Arrive early (6pm +/-) good parking, good food, and great fellowship. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm and usually lasts til 8pm - or just a little after. We hope to see you there!

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Like to Donate?

If you believe in the efforts of SD Six Shooters, we would love to benefit a little from your charitable giving.

Donations are NOW TAX DEDUCTABLE. We have received our 50(c)3 status! :-) More HERE.


Every Sunday, 7pm - Buy - Sell - Trade - Wanted

Frequency: 146.910 MHz (-)   PL Tone: 100.0 Hz Tx & Rx


KI6BJN FUSION Repeaters (Analog/Digital)

KI6BJN - Mt. Woodson

Frequency: 449.780 MHz (-)           PL Tone: 141.3 Tx & Rx Analog

DSQ Tone Type: CODE   DSQ Code: 120

KI6BJN - Mt. Otay

Frequency: 146.910 MHz (-)           PL Tone: 100.0 Tx & Rx Analog

DSQ Tone Type: CODE   DSQ Code: 120

SD Six Shooters Club Relocation

sd6shooters old largeThe San Diego Six Shooters monthly meeting has a NEW HOME! See the banner at the top of the website!

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Upcoming Events

Ham Radio News

Nu 2 Ham Radio?

Need a Ham mentor to help you find the right direction? No, we're not the AA, but we will help you meet your Elmer at a Six Shooters meeting or on one of our 6 Meter Nets. We're  friendly and happy to take on your questions.

Being Relevant?

Got an idea for an Article on the Six Shooters website? We'd like to hear from you. It's your input that will help us be relevant to the needs and desires of the Six Shooters membership. Contact the Webmaster.

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