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Celebrating an amateur radio adventure... 6 meters at a time!

 You are invited to participate in all San Diego Six Shooter events:
1. Three nets each week with our professional Net Control Operators

2. Monthly ARC Meeting with Programs and Special Speakers
3. Points for Participation, Prizes Awarded, Special Events, Etc.
4. Field Day, Christmas Party and Special Projects

NET DAYS, TIME, FREQ. & PL - Plus our Monthly Meeting, Below

mic 1 aural asia 500w
photo by Aural Asia


San Diego Six Shooters SSB Net

Net is held on Monday nights at 8:00pm PST on 50.200MHz USB.  Mike, N6IEF, is the net control op for this open forum net.  All are invited to participate!

With today's new HF rigs, 6 Meters is easily available - especially with Single Side Band! Meet up on our Simplex frequency on Monday nights. Horizontal or verticle polarization, any and all are welcome.

antennas 1 500w


San Diego Six Shooters "Shoot Out"

 On Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the N6LXX repeater system, with Mike, KG6WLS, net control op.  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.

Net linked to SoCal, Las Vegas, Northern Texas (via the Rosston repeater site) and the greater Houston, TX area (via the Devers repeater site).

antennas 3 500w


'The Original'

San Diego Six Shooters Net

Friday nights at 8:00pm, 53.580MHz, 103.5 PL, the long-running San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Net on the N6LXX repeater system.

Don, Mike O., Ed and Mike B., rotate weekly for this open forum net. All amateur radio operators welcome.

antennas 2 400w


Six Shooters Swap-Net

Swap-Net is on Sunday nights at 9:00pm PST on the new Six Shooter Two Meter Repeater at 146.910 MHz (-) PL: 100 Hz.  Joe, N6SIX is the Swap-Net control op.

List up to four Ham Radio related items on the Swap-Net. If items remain unsold at the time of the Swap-Net, they will be posted on the Six Shooter website for one week in the Swap-Net Listings section.


San Diego Six Shooters ARC

Monthly Feeding - oops, MEETING!

Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm:

Ranch House Restaurant, 11510 Woodside Ave., Santee, CA, 92072 (map)

Many members arrive early (5-6pm) good parking, good food, and great fellowship. Meeting starts promptly at 7pm and usually lasts til 8pm - or just a little after.  ALL AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS ARE WELCOME.  We hope to see you there!

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Like to Donate?

If you believe IN the efforts of SD Six Shooters, we would love to benefit a little from your charitable giving.

Donations are NOW TAX DEDUCTABLE. We have received our 50(c)3 status! :-)


Frequency: 146.910/146.310 MHz - PL Tone: 100 Tx/Rx 118.8

Thanks to: WD6APP, WB6DTR, K6RLV and to SANDRA


Every Sunday, 7pm - Buy - Sell - Trade - Wanted

CODE Practice Sessions

code key 1Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 7PM until 8PM.

The Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon has graciously offered the use of their repeater [147.420/146.475/107.2 pl]. This is an odd offset repeater and if you need help setting up your radio to use the repeater, call Terry, K6TRY, 619-447-3237... or, if you'd like to SEE a practice session: CLICK HERE <<<

ED FELTER: "I happily return to my usual role of supporter, booster, and fan of all things SDSSARC."


Tombstones are famous for their dates and one-liners.  Think about the date and it’s format, it has a beginning date, a dash  and an ending date.

Well there is no tombstone involved but for me, there is a beginning and an ending with a fine dash in between.  I volunteered to assume the presidency of SDSSARC in August, 2010.  Today, I am announcing that I will not run again for re-election to the office of the president of the club.  I gave my decision to the Board of Directors last month in official capacity and format.  My end as president will be December 31, 2014.

That “dash” between the dates represents many of my personal best moments in amateur radio.  We, together, have seen some fabulous events, growth, and fellowship times in between the dates.  We celebrated our 10th Anniversary as a club, we re-ignited Field Day, began a special summer event called PICNIC, refined the nets through Participation Points, determined to get 501(c)(3) Non-Profit status for the club and won (thanks Randy KJ6JAJ!), with the help of Alex WB6DTR, Chuck WD6APP, and John K6RLV put a terrific 2 meter repeater on Mt. Otay (thanks SANDRA!), saw membership grow from under 50 paid members to 115 paid members.  Our monthly meetings have been among the best any club could offer with regard to presentations and speakers (thanks Joe N6SIX!).  Many times we have filled the old Ranch House!  We have just gotten State of CA permission to do lotteries, so bring money!!  We have a long list of donated radio equipment and antennas that will be for club use in activities.  The treasury has never been stronger.

This is the short list of all the fun, the support, the friendships, the laughs, and did I say fun, that we have had together.  You have given me your support and this is OUR doing not MINE.  Collectively, we are San Diego Six Shooters ARC, a proud, growing, caring club.

So the notes will read August 16, 2010 dash December 31, 2014.  Beginnings and endings are important and necessary, but the dash is what we make of both the beginning and the ending.  Some, including me, didn’t know if we would make it.  The DASH of our collective work, activities, involvements and plans as SDSSARC says that the beginning was good and this ending is meaningful.  Thanks to the Board of Directors for your incredible support.  Thanks to all the membership for your commitment to excellence in this club.  I happily return to my usual role of supporter, booster, and fan of all things SDSSARC.

When you are called, I hope you will say “Yes” to giving your support to a nomination for position.  Keep the club going in the right direction!

See you on the 20th of October, Monday night at the Ranch House Restaurant in Santee at 7:00 p.m. Howard, KY6LA, will be giving a fine presentation on “How to Have A Quiet Station” through the use of proper grounding techniques. Excellent presentation, you won’t want to miss it.  In addition we will complete and make official the ballot for the election of President and Secretary in November meeting.

73 to all,


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